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Snow on the Big Burro Mountains


This route is a pleasant morning’s stroll into the Big Burro Mountains. The trail takes you from an easily accessed trailhead across ponderosa strewn slopes and across sunny meadows. There are views from the Big Burro Mountains across the northern end of the Mimbres Basin to the Cobre Mountains. This would be a great place for introducing newcomers to the backcountry.

Note that the CDT braids out in the Big Burro Mountains. This particular “strand” lies on the CDT route that takes you from the Big Burro Mountains all the way up to US-180, about 12 miles west of Silver City.

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This site includes GIS data that describe the hiking routes. There have been a couple recent requests for instructions on how to download this data and now there is a semi-reasonable (that is, not simple) response. Instructions for downloading the data can be found here.

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